Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Commonwealth Experience

The Day
It began as a usual day with a little unusual start as we had to wake up early to catch our ride to Amity University for our general training. as me and sanchi descended the metro station, we spotted a group of students and promptly went to join them.As soon as we reached, a university bus came and as luck would have it, we were stuck behind a crazy white tee shirt whose only aim it seemed was to let everyone except us cut past him.needless to say we missed the jam packed bus thanks to that person. When another bus came a half an hour later, we pushed our way inside only for an RTV experience.For all its money and frills, Amity bus does not hold good to the brouhaha created by the university.
We reached the campus gates and were greeted by two large guard dogs, a menacing sight otherwise, but they were sitting on the cool floor, ignoring all of us, happy in their doggy world. Despite the Amity bus ride, the commonwealth organisers had set up a good reception and we zoomed through the paper work in no time to reach the breakfast venue.
Hungry after the tumultuous bus/RTV ride, we were welcomed with a breakfast of cold patties.Arrgh!!! Suddenly we missed our college mech canteen.
The first session was the best, with the speaker cheering us, joking at us, making us do crazy stuff and a Mexican wave. The rest that followed could not live up to the first speaker but they were fairly good too.
We were hammered with the phrases, "you are not worthless, you are priceless", "Delhi United" and "We are going to make these the best ever commonwealth games". The prospect of lunch kept us through some of the more sleep inducing sessions and as sanchi happily trotted to the lunch venue, she was in for a surprise.Despite the hype created and the things imagined by us, we were given lavish lunch of jail food.Watery dal and equally watery sabzi with a proportionally dry roti. I chomped on my veggies as sanchi endured the all too delicious food.
The last leg of the session included a meting with Shera, the official mascot who is now all in character and loves to perform random acts of comedy, an acting session for CNN IBN(Do check it out today!) and high tea which once again failed to live up to its exceptions.
We were shooed off at the end of the day with a promise of more to come.
Go Team Delhi United!

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  1. dear sam the food you ate at amity was not made by amity people. The collage is closed right now and the canteens too.......its jst that commonwealth ppl are using our premises.

    waise bhi u hate can u see any gud point there!!!!!