Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Indian Race

Too much of crime TV has got my brain into a muddled mess. I think of situations where Indians are arrested or bodies of Indians are found and then I start to think of the classification system of humans.
As of today, the world classifies human beings as Caucasians,Blacks,Hispanics and Asians.
For a while I was under the impression that Indians are Asians for the simple reason of us being in Asia.But then I was informed that Asians are people with Mongolian features and we don't come close and the confusion reverted back in me.
A general perception of race is done on the basis of color. The world classifies human beings as reds, whites, yellows and blacks. Many popular literature describes Indians as coffee color people or browns.
I came across another method of classification based on chemical analysis of DNA. An L haplogroup present in varying quantities in different races might prove an effective means. Indians have a large quantity of this as middle eastern people(who bear striking resemblance to us!) have low amount.So maybe a color based classification is not right.
If we trace back our origins to the Aryans, it becomes apparent that we are from the Caucasian race although we fall better into the Hispanic category.
I am still confused.

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