Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Best Days.

Because you spend hours talking
A moment lost not together.
Because you spend every second thinking
An hour alone is not enough.
Time passes, moments come
And gather them we should.
I stand here thinking what you would
A thought that creeps in my head.
And suddenly it is just not about one
Because you matter too.
And the sun shines brighter
In the deep blue sky.
The birds sing louder,
It’s a glorious day.
For once again it all matters.
A thought about you jumps right at me
A thing you said
That made me laugh.
A word about you comes right at me
A smile that I can’t stop.
They ask me what is wrong
But for once everything is alright.
It is the best.
Because the feeling stays with me,
Till you do.

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