Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Hate Luv Storys-My Review

A movie for all die hard romantics? Or a masala film with the same cliched formula? This film does not fit in the usual box and yet it does.With its predictable turns and dialogues, this film is yet another refreshing change.
After heavyweight films like rajneeti and oh-so-boring duds like Raavan and Kites, I hate luv storys rises above.
The newcomer director, Punit malhotra deserves accolades for fitting perfectly into those large shoes of Karan Johar as does Sameer Soni for aping him in the film.
The star cast leaves much to be desired.Sonam Kapoor is a pretty package till she opens her mouth.With an almost drunken like dialogue delivery, she slurs her way throughout the film.You could almost wait the whole time for some emotion to be expressed in her voice, but it is not to be.Hence, the director focuses instead on her charming smile and the wardrobe by Manish Malhotra.Sonam Kapoor's acting skills were absent as was a proper script.Imraan khan is another pretty thing in the movie.His puppy dog looks now have a more macho avatar but some of his costumes make him look gay.Just as well, something for the guys too ;)
The story is cliched but the highlight of the film is the many references to bollywood greats like DDJL, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, K3g, Dil Chahta hai etc.
Sonam's boyfriend is an obvious reminder of "Subodh" from Dil Chahta hai as is the underlying story of Raj and Simran a tribute to DDJL. Imraan apes his mamu to much hilarity as many famous dialogues from these movies are repeated here.
The end result?
A potpourri of "luv storys" for all SRK Fans and an ego booster for Karan Johar and his long gone Movies.
The Movie is a one time watch littered with funny scenes.

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