Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It still WAS a productive day.

What began as a perfectly normal day became one involving a lot of walking today and to lazy me, it would have been a prospect full of horror but for the company I had.
So here, we were at the New Delhi station, lost amidst throngs of people who actually knew what they wanted, trying to get some tickets for a last minute trip to Jammu. Thanks to much confusion, drama and stupidities on our part, we managed NOT to get them. In the interim, we disturbed about a dozen people, calling them up for favours of all kinds as we tried to maneuver around the station with weird people coming to us with all sorts of unwanted help, from autos, to free advice and many creepy stares. And the station area stinks so much as well..!! ugh.
So, to lift up our spirits after this exposure to a stinky, creepy, staring side of delhi, we rode to CP, fought over movie seats, stuffed ourselves with McDonalds burger and sat to watch Mujhse fraaaandship karoge. And much to the chagrin of my poor friend, I laughed at all innapproprite parts making poor romantic moments in the film extremely funny, well, to psychotic me, they WERE funny. My defense.
We sat and froze inside the theater, had hearty discussion about everything in life, thawed outside in the CP sun, Sonu controlled my shopaholic fits(I still bought 5 new things! yay!!) and we had shakes at that place where they sell awesome milk shakes( I don't know its name!!)
So, it was a fun day, despite the disappointments with a prospect of a weekend full of some interesting stuff( We need to go out!! )

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mausam: An Artist's rendition

Here I was, a Tom Cruise fan skimming through the paper a year ago when I spotted something looking right out of Top Gun, it was Shahid Kapoor, in a mustache! with Tom's Top Gun hairstyle and uniform. I laughed a lot that day. He did look funny and I forgot about it.
And then came the trailers few weeks back and suddenly I was hooked. Despite subtle references to Top Gun, the movie looked interesting, it WAS Pankaj Kapoor making it after all. and Shahid Kapoor didn't hurt the eye, he looked good, his dance moves interesting and his smile, a faint reminiscent of Tom cruise. I HAD to see this movie!!!
I was warned against it by people and then my exams put everything on hold. Luckily I visited my mom's friend, the other day and she was all praises for the movie. Army people after all, she loved the whole air force plot of the movie despite the real less screen space it got and that was reason enough and I went for it today.
And Mausam, is a like a canvas to me and Pankaj Kapoor is an amazing awe-inspiring artist. It's like looking at such a simple story with deep intricacies in it. Nuances that are not obvious at first but the whole experience extremely beautiful. The simple story, the cliches, the accidents and the obvious plot line are all just there to enhance the complete landscape that has been painted.
And the most beautiful part of the movie is the "idea" behind it, meshing world "events" with a love story, it reminded me of Leo Tolstoy and his storytelling. The rustic village of Punjab, the Scottish highland and the Indian Airforce, all make up for an amazing experience as a movie goer and such a relief after brain numbing films like Bodyguard and Dabangg took over the cinema halls.
Mausam is not a movie you see for the story or the songs or the actors, it is for the director you should watch it and for the experience.
Pankaj Kapoor is an truly and artist.!
And the Tom Cruise lover that i am..I love Shahid's copied hairstyle and uniform. :D :D
And the fact that every Fauji is a superhero according to Hindi Films. I love it! :D