Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Healthy Burger

Yesterday night I decided to make my version of a burger.a vegetable burger to be more precise.
The nutritional facts about a regular burger are:

Burger bun: 120 calories
Cheese slice: 70
fried aloo patty:249
chicken patty:223

So a burger normally adds up to around 400 calories!! Not to mention the soda we take and fries as a side food.

I decided to do away with the fattening options.

My substitutes:

Burger bun:120 (cant help that!!)
dry yoghurt:23( -47)
grilled aloo tikki:128(-121)

And the usual, assort it with tomatoes,onions, lettuce. I liked the guilt free option of having a burger and it was delicious.! And I saved 168 calories.Not much, but then again, a burger is a sinful meal.

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