Thursday, July 15, 2010

Electric Pole and sparking.

Yesterday night was like any other. me and my sister were watching marathon episodes of our latest nemesis, F.R.I.E.N.D.S(me watching the repeats having seen it all twice!). 
It was past midnight and my sister retired to sleep and I took my laptop to start writing when I heard some gunshot like sound coming from outside.assuming some over zealous sports enthusiast burning crackers, I paid little attention to it. But the sound increased in intensity.
Now I allowed my imagination to wander from imagining a bomb blast to a glorified police chase complete with gunshots and gangsters.
And then I saw a flash of light at the window and all the lights in the house started flickering right out of a cheap horror drama.i woke up my sister who was at her irritable best and we peeked out of the window.
what greeted us was much more magnificent than a thousand gunshots! the electricity pole outside my window had a lose wire and the whole thing was aglow in yellow light.There was intense sparking as i saw the loose wire sway dangerously.And then somebody shut the main power supply and all went quit.The whole fell into a deathly silence and we went to the balcony's to inspect the damage.
Much to my dismay there was no damage.And then the whispers grew.Enthusiastic aunties, clad in nightgown said that two cars were electrocuted and should not be touched, all the men came out to check on their cars and ladies screamed at their children to stay away from the wire which still hung loose.
The whole are was blacked out as the electric repair unit(whatever they are called) came to the rescue. Thankfully, the fans still worked and I went back to my work leaving the excitement behind while all the aunties and uncles gathered in a park to discuss it. They have nothing better to do.


  1. So you wanted that damage happens... coz it was to your dismay that it didn't happen,,,:P

  2. it would have "sparked" things up!