Monday, July 19, 2010

Gurgaon and Public Transport

Yesterday I had to run an errand in Gurgaon and with no private conveyance(seeing as I am not allowed to drive), I had to resort to the public transport system to reach there.
Knowing as many do, there is no direct connectivity bu public transport system to gurgaon and I had to devise a plan to reach there as soon as possible.
I was snowballed with suggestions from various sources which suggested the metro to Qutub Minar and then an auto.The whole system would take more than hour, which could not be spared.
Then I checked the bus routes to gurgaon.Me being in Janakpuri ensured that I would have to change the bus at least twice to reach Gurgaon, once again spending an hour on commute.
Finally relenting to the situation,I called the cab and drove away, reaching the place in half an hour.
I eagerly wait for the time when metro starts plying on the Gurgaon line as the commute to the millennium city is very difficult. I met no traffic on the way but on weekdays with the rush hour traffic, a mere journey of fifteen minutes gets stretched to an hour. For people without a private vehicle, it is tougher still as they have to negotiate the route in buses, autos and rickshaws.
Hopefully, the connectivity between gurgaon and Delhi improves with time as the city has now become an indispensable hub for party goers, shoppers and office workers.

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