Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Veggies all the way!

Being a non vegetarian is heavenly.You get to savor all kinds of stuff, the delicious chili dogs, tikkas, tandoori chicken, seek kebabs, sushi etc. I have enjoyed this to the fullest, digging deep into a plate of fried prawns in Goa to a turkey sandwich in subway.i have done it all(almost) and loved every bit of it, that is until my mother decided to challenge me.
she thought I could not survive without a piece of meat in me for more than a week and I took it up.Since yesterday, I am on a supply of fruits and vegetables.Raw, cooked, sauteed, sliced, cold and fresh.
My typical non vegetarian day would start with a breakfast of the most delectable eggs I could make, scrambled, omelets, fried, half fried...
Yesterday I ate half a small watermelon and drank lots of water.A bland breakfast.Everyone thought i would not last the day. Then came lunch and I once again dug into a plate of fruits.Yum!
Come evening and I was full to the bursting and yet I craved all the necessary evils of the culinary world, oils, proteins and salt. I resisted and ate up the other half watermelon for dinner.With my stomach full to the bursting and with no inclination of me being satisfied, I went to sleep.
I woke up today with a new goal, Vegetables!
To prevent yesterday's boring menu, I cooked up a diet plan which included steamed vegetables as breakfast, raw for lunch and a clear veggie soup for dinner.
With no solid food for a day and with more days to come, I am beginning to feel a new reverence for our vegetables which until recently were just an accompaniment for my meat.
A Monkey diet, someone said and I am to live it for a week.
Ha! Challenge...I can survive without non veg.
I think.

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  1. Yh...I've been vegetarian for all my life. Ditch the white people food and try having indian. Much tastier and much more vegetarian variety. Be creative. lol Steamed vegetables for breakfast!!!!!

    But keep going champ..