Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Love Affair with Delhi

I admit that I am completely, totally and irrevocably in love with Delhi. The city has grown on me and I simply love it. Delhi has its own characteristics which are so unique, annoying at times and yet endearing.

  • The Delhi traffic:You think you are going the right way..? No you are not! The red lights are for decoration purposes or maybe they are an inbuilt accelerators in your cars.You need to rush at top speed to avoid colliding with people coming from the opposite direction(where the hell did they come from?). And if you are on a two wheeler or a rickshaw, then you can drive at your own speed and forget about hearing the many honks and shouts from behind you.You are the king(Queen) of the road.
  • Punjabi:It has travelled from the land of sarso and sunflower to enter our very own city. It does not matter whether you are from haryana or kerala.You live in Delhi and as a rule, you should no a little bit of punjabi.From the excessive use of ji at all places to many other words, punjabi is Delhi's own brand of local language.
  • Street Food: A foodie's heaven, at every crossroads you can find a small stall selling chaats, chineeeese(spelled that way),momos and kababs.Dig into the delectable cuisine of delhi with its unique flavor because you will never find such momos in China nor such kababs in the best mughlai restaurants.The street food run down by the heat and the atmosphere of delhi has its own taste.
  • Shopping;A shopper's delight, delhi paves its way into the best shopping destinations with cheap ripoffs from the markets of Sarojini and Rajouri to high class haute fashion stores of south Delhi and now West delhi. Know style in Delhi, A fashion Capital in its own way.
  • Metro: It has become a trademark of delhi, snaking its way in and around the city, The delhi Metro ensures a fun filled, comfortable travel of which we once dreamed. A niche transport system, Delhi owes to.
  • Autos: These black and yellow little mixes between a scooter and a car traverse the terrains of Delhi.When you have no other option, they come to your rescue and the package contains a foul mouthed driver interested only in your monetary value and the little scooter which has a knack for hitting every bump on the road.
  • Commercial/residential: Is that a house? Is that a shop? No its a house! And the debate goes on with whole shopping complexes opened up in just any place, you will find people living on top of shops and the whole area being converted into one huge shopping complex with vestiges of its residential part remaining still. Tilak nagar anyone?
  • People: Delhi is nothing without its people from old aunties in bright coloured suits haggling with shopkeepers to uncles who seem to know the solution to every problem of yours.You have school girls in miniskirts and school boys in low pants.There are teenagers in various apparels and the young adults keen on their job.The corporate types travel around in lavish cars and a group of fun loving people stand and chat away to glory.
  • Cars: Delhi cars also have a way about them. You can spot a large SUV bellowing loud music and a sleek sedan with a man reading newspaper in it.And the usual assortment of Santros and Indicas with a family of four in it, small kids jumping in the back and the wife yapping away. Then there are the ones who seem to fit in dozens of people in one car.Talk about space utility.
  • Restaurants: The unique blend of five star restaurants and the usual dhaba is another mix.You can shell out thousands on one fine meal and the next day spend a hundred bucks at a dhaba all to your satisfaction:
To Delhi:

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