Sunday, July 4, 2010

The food critic me!

A visit to a Chinese restaurant ensures that I get to dig into my favourite cuisine with much gutso.although it takes a lot of convincing for the people around me to try my my choice of dish and I did agree that in the past it has not been a delectable delight for anyone.
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So, me and my sister went to Yo! China yesterday, a decent enough place with passable Chinese food.We sat on the corner seat with a flourish and took to reading the menu.After a moment or so, we placed our first order, a batch of appetisers and as is custom with me, i asked for chopsticks.This feature of Chinese restaurant annoys me, most of them do not place chopsticks and you have to ask them like you are a big showoff. As we waited for our order to come, we observed our environment, chatted and the usual stuff one does at a restaurant.Our order came and few minutes later, the waiter returned to ask me how I liked it, simple enough, i gave my view.Few minutes later, another one turned up to ask the same thing.And then another one came who asked if I wanted something else.This did get a bit fishy.Their service became fast as I saw that this whole team of waiters was observing us and as soon as we were done, they came to clear up and again asked if we wanted something else.It now became apparent that this was not just a polite question.I noticed two waiters circling my table and others who kept a tab on the order.One order was a bit delayed and two of them came to apologise for it.It wasn't THAT late and I wasn't angry.My sister came up with a theory that because of my nasty outer appearance and cold demeanour, they had mistook me to be a food critic.Well, we enjoyed this explanation and fed the fir, acting all important and stuff.
We left the place soon after, with all the frills of a food critic.Even if they were just being extra polite or the table was a special one, i am really not bothered.I got to play the role, I have always dreamt of.I was hoping for the food to be on the house, but still, the treatment they gave us was fun too.
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