Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rain Rain! missing CME..!

The past two days have been a gift from heaven with the rainfall and the eventual drop in temperature.Delhi has never been so alluring before.
As I walked into my balcony with the rain still pouring, it reminded me of the many games we used to play in the rain as children. I rummaged through my old home videos and came up with one of all of us playing in the muddy garden of my house back in CME, Pune. Nostalgic enough,I saw all of us, in various coloured apparels throwing icky muddy water on each other, jumping around and screaming.
One particular scene shows Sashu filling a bottle's cap with water and throwing it on me.The bottle was the usual PET one. Another scene has sid dancing and making funny faces on the camera and then Tin man joins him. My sis is the youngest of the lot and she and aaru roam aimlesly all over the place. Seeing how silly we were, atleast i am assured our parents had much fun filming it!
Another rain reminds me of Mumbai and it's continuous showers which went on for days when me and Anu would valiantly cycle our way to school.while returning, we would be joined by manju and it was always great fun getting wet and the making excuses and pretending to be angry at what happened in front of my parents.
Casper, my dog hates the rain.He tries to keep his paws off the wet part of the road and insists that we carry an umbrella for him when he goes out for his walk.He manages to walk under the umbrells, hurriedly pees on the driest part of the land and then rushes back in before a droplet hit him.So much for enjoying the rain.
I love the smell of the rain(as does everyone) and the feeling when the first drop hits you on your face and then the whole lot as your hair become Matty and sticky.Somehow, Delhi Rain is not to be compared to other parts, it comes and goes in small amounts and sadly enough, the people here have never experience the Mumbai showers or the ones in pune. The showers in north east India are different too, clean for a change.
I Love it..!!

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  1. I don't use to comment, but this doesn't mean I don't read some times what you write. Keep on writing pls. :-)