Monday, July 26, 2010

A Family get-together: A doggy affair

Yesterday was like any other Sunday, lazy, warm and fuzzy until we decided to backpack our way to a family get-together at my uncle's home. Normal enough.But then my dog, Casper started throwing a tantrum(yes, a doggy tantrum!) and we decided to take him along.
So it was a family of four with a doggy in tow and two grandparents who set off to the uncle's house. Squished in a normal sized family car, Casper decided that he wanted to hog the whole of the AC of the car and set off, improvising on his positions till he had one paw on my leg, another on my sister's arm and yet another on my mother's lap. Now he was bang in the centre of the car, right in front of the ac with his white hair flowing all around him.he loved it and blissfully ignored the bumps and jerks of the road and the fact that he could barely manage to stand in that position he had fashioned and was constantly slipping.
We reached our destination, thankful to get out of the car as our cramped legs stretched after the two hour road journey.
We then went to pay a customary visit to another aunt's place and now had another cousin in the car with us. Sans our grandparents, we found enough space to play a game of cards and this time we forced Casper to sit in the co-driver's seat which he readily accepted much to his amusement. Our game was not yet over when we reached our destination and so we decided to continue in the sweltering heat inside the car.
Lunch was a standard affair as richie managed to spoil 3 Ferraro Rochers :( before finally getting the fourth one in his mouth.Before much tragedy happened, we three girls decided to get hold of our share of chocolates and then enticed Richie with a brightly wrapped silver coloured cereal bar.he liked it because it was the biggest of the lot.
We then locked ourselves in the bedroom for another round of our game as the adults chatted in the living room. And we managed an improvised version of blackjack improving our math skills. the house served as a reminder for the fun we had when our two other cousins lived there.
Missed them a lot yesterday and our game of Tableux,playstations, twix and the summer heat.
Hope to meet the two of you soon..!!!
And yes, during the return journey too, casper tried to stand right in front of the AC but we pushed him down on the seat.
 Humans 1: Dog 0

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