Friday, July 23, 2010

Sohrabuddin Sheikh Encounter:Evil or a necessary?

In the early 2000's Gujrat and Rajasthan were plagued by the tyranny of a local goon Abdul Latif. He soon paved his way through the underworld of the region carving a notch for himself as one of the most dreaded criminals. Later, as is with every underworld don, he joined hands with Dawood Ibrahim and went to join him in his exploits over the underworld of the country. He had a driver, Sohrabuddin Sheikh and as is the case with all such drivers he was a multitasker, a dreaded criminal and extortionist. In May 2000, he was kept under the police watch and it was discovered that he was responsible for storing huge caches of weapons and ammunition  involved in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.With enough evidence of his connections with the underworld and terrorist groups, he, along with his wife Kausar Bi were killed in an alleged "fake encounter".
This begs the question of how necessary was this encounter and who gains from it?
The police claimed that he was conspiring to assassinate chief Minister Narender Modi and his killing was justified.
Personally, killing of a dreaded criminal, who had around 50 cases against him and had an involvement in terrorism of the country is justice to the world. He was wanted in many countries and despite the shady nature of his death, they rejoice it. But human rights activists, anti BJP people and pro congress individuals have made it into a big political mess of allegations and finger pointing.
What people all over should realise is that even if the encounter was fake and staged, it was to kill a dreaded criminal who would have helped along with many other terror hits in the country. by killing one person, the police saved millions of innocent lives. But this is now a political game with the ruling party plotting to evict and convict the chief minister and his aides involved in the encounter.
Today one of his chief aides might be arrested and for me, it is a blasphemy. Something which should not ever happen.Sohrabbudin's death was a poetic justice and in doing so the country's goodwill was in consideration, whatever the given reasons are.
People should understand the circumstances and the fact that they are a tad bit safe now. he might have been a small fish in the terrorism and underworld nexus but maybe because of his death, they are now alive.


  1. but then this really shows how powerful these politicians are.. one can't really trust them, the encounter here might be just.. the police should have declared it before the media got into all this..
    fake encounters at other places might not be as heplful..

  2. The police as well as the media knew who exactly was killed.The trouble is that our legal system is such that once someone is arrested he is freed soon enough with all his powerful ties and the police is just a helpless audience.I think it is time we stop antagonising the police force and the politicians and actually look at a situation from their point of view.

  3. i totally agree with you, and if they have already declared it then someone wud have surly come up with an Armour to save him, it is quite clear that congress is in centre and wud do such things to harm the image of bjp in gujrat but we all the know the development gujrat made under the rule of bjp ( which never happnd in any of indian states so far).....the killin was justified as he was a criminal and threat to the country..nice post really appreciate you for this..