Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Emergency Cook

I had never given much credit to my cooking skills until yesterday. i always thought of myself as being a gloried recipe copier, following the recipe by the line and cooking whatever it said.
Then yesterday around one in the afternoon, my granny called me to her room and informed me that my uncle will stay for lunch and she was much tired to cook. Seeing that it was already afternoon with not much time left to concoct something lavish, I raided the fridge of all its contents.
The trouble with the fridge at my grandparent's house is that it is optimally stocked with a pre-planned menu, so finding anything extra in it is difficult.Still I dug digger into the mysterious entrails of the fridge and finally found a packet of Brinjals.Eww!
Eggplant, the grossest and the most disgusting creation ever with it purple skin and interior filled with seeds.
I called up my mother who gave me a quick recipe and my granny who gave me another recipe. So i went to work in the kitchen, chopping onions, garlics, brinjals and potatoes.
Time was running out, i had twenty minutes to get lunch on the table.I put all the vegetables in the wok and then went on to cut the salad, cutting at the tomatoes and the lettuce with much speed and agility a chef would be proud of.
Side by side I tossed the all too disgusting brinjals, which had started to emit a burnt odour and went to lay the table.
I am proud to say, i achieved it all in the given time span, with the table neatly laid, salad in the centre, and the brinjals all cooked an ready.
They arrived much later to devour it all but I am glad to realize that I can be a fast cook/server/sous chef.

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