Friday, July 2, 2010


There was a certain rush in the air,
Of kohl unplugged and clothes everywhere.
It was the time once again,
When we do something, but in vain.
It started but an hour ago,
The preparation for all of us to go.
Of lip gloss and eyeliners in the room,
And perfumes warding off the gloom.
We picked and pricked,
And the ear rings nicked,
We asked a many times the same,
questions when no answers came.
We preened and pruned in front,
of the mirror all glossy.
A ruckus created an hour before,
An excitement in times galore.
The night settled as we reached there,
All set to shine with perfect hair.
Music set the tone so high,
For nothing mattered, no but or why.
There were clicks and flashes,
of lights on eyelashes.
There was jumble and rumble,
throbbing hard on the ears.
This place, a time unknown,
It stood still, for us to go.
A landscape of our time,
A reason and a rhyme,
We pushed our way in,
Together forever.
And pushed our way out,
Lost in the maze.
Somethings change yet somethings don't.
Cherish it till it lasts,
For it might be too late.
The last bell rang and the cinderellas ran,
Leaving no prince behind.
For beyond the image, the castle and the mirror.
Were infact dreams with her.
And each and everyone had them once,
And together they would keep afloat.