Thursday, July 8, 2010

Watch FIFA World Cup Online for free..!!

Yesterday my television was hijacked by my grandparents who wanted to see marathon episodes of their favourite serial. Contemplating this, I figured that the torture would be over by midnight, the time the Germany-Spain semi would start. I waited patiently till 11 pm, passing my time watching the movies, "The perfect man".
and then my grandparents fell asleep! arrrrrgghhh!!
Sadly enough, the television was in their room and I could only gaze forlornly at the black screen.So much for my soccer evening.
Then a brainwave hit me and I consulted my consulter-GOOGLE.
Luckily, I have free internet access, thanks to a stray router in the area, I have free wireless.So the connection was no problem and i searched the internet for sites which offered live streaming of the match.

11:57 pm

I found someone's blog which boasted of the same and clicked the links he provided.Darn! I had to pay for the site.Something I was not willing to do.

12:00 am

The match had started and I had no way to watch it. I logged on to the ESPN site and Voila! it offered free live broadcast.Eagerly I clicked open the window and moments later a nasty looking window popped open and I was informed that since I was outside of the US(ill wonders never cease!) I could not watch the match till I provide the name of my internet service provider.Something I could not do and I shut it.

12:04 am

I had already lost precious four minutes of the match and I saw this another site.  the homepage looked promising and I waited for a whole minute for the stream to start.But it was not to be and I logged off.

12:06 am

I had my hopes pinned on this last site. I opened it and a blue screen glared at me. tentatively I clicked on the link and the streaming started instantly. Instant gratification!
I had lost seven minutes of the match and I clicked on the full screen view and went on to watch the match.


  1. now thats called an effort!!! but the next time you are stuck with such a problem try searching for something called "google hacks" in advance......if you know how to use google hacks u'll never have problems finding your stuff