Monday, July 5, 2010

Dhoni gets married,breaks million heart LMAO

The papers today ran with the sad and heartbreaking news of MS Dhoni getting married.Instead of giving the details of his wedding or the bride, they focused on the millions of hearts which were broken.Poor girls crying all over, issuing statements like "I will not wish him on fb this year!" or lamenting their fate "humne pehle rishta kyun nai bheja!".
Hilarious! right?
Come to think of it, how could anyone cry for him?and why should they? It is actually surprising, the female fan following he has garnered over the years and sheer hilarious the way these girls react.If I were to compare him with some other athlete of international stature, he would definitely lose.He doesn't have a body to boast of(none of the Indian cricketers do), doesn't have communication skills, his style is laughable and even his game is not great anymore.
Now, these international stars, like a certain Christiano Ronaldo not only has a body to die for, but even his game his decent enough.Then there is is Frank Lampard, Kaka, David Villa, so many to die for..<3
So I certainly don't understand this interest in the poor Captain Dhoni.Let him live his life.Or maybe not, I do like more fodder for my entertainment.
Go girls...!!

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