Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A short piece I wrote for the word "entrapment".

blood.jpg revamped image by ezboizShe cowered inside her imaginary tower, trying hard to understand what was happening. She knew she was not at fault and yet she was being blamed. Her heart thudded in her chest and her head throbbed hard. She sucked in deep breaths and swallowed hard, gritting her teeth hard to avoid speaking.
She had once again disappeared inside the dark abyss of her sanctuary and she knew it will take time for her to break through the barriers. She waited for it to be over and for her tormentor to retire. The mute spectators crowded around her in mild curiosity, none able to help her through. She struggled through the dark stormy sea alone, fighting the huge waves lashing all over her, going under and then surfacing.
It had been another era, many ages ago, now she was in light, free from the depths she had been forced to plunge into.But then it returned and she swiveled right into it all over again.
She sat contemplating her revenge, helpless. She could do no more and yet she thought of what she could if she had the chance. But then she saw her nemesis struggling hard and it all washed over her. Because sometimes, despite how we feel and how much we are troubled, she could feel the tug of blood inside her. For they both shared the same.
And despite the atrocities faced by her, despite what she felt and despite what they said to her, she knew she could not do it. She was trapped in an ages old web of duty, commitment and relationships. Relations, the unseeing bond which bound all humans, which formed the rules and norms of our actions. She suffocated in silent misery because the tug was too strong.The tug of blood.

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