Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forgetting you

A friend of mine wrote it: 
I love it, it's so honest and deep.

Every night before i sleep
Think of you, and begin to weep
I love you so..but i have to let this ..feeling go!!

Its no easy, but i have to try,
Can't keep living in this lie,
Easy to say but hard to do, 
Its not easy, forgetting you!

I dont wanna feel like this no more
My heart is hurting to the core

Moving in is what i chose
I've got not much to lose
I'll be fine, i'll be good
Life is gonna be as it should.

From now on, I'l live for me
Be as happy as i can be
You are all but a memory
Don't need you, I'll feel so free


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. very touching!! :)

  3. perhaps we don't realize the immense pain of separation until it happens... and when we are forced to choose the path we don't wanna thats how it feels...
    expresses the true state in beautiful words...

  4. Simple words say a lot sometime.. and thats exactly what this poem does.. hope that your friend comes up with many more :)