Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Compaq Laptops suck!

Today my laptop malfunctioned and for the whole day I tried everything from opening it up to hitting it and finally screaming at it. Much to my chagrin, nothing worked and I felt a chill creep down me. without it, i was non existent.I had nothing else to do.

My laptop was my saviour. It played my favourite songs as I cleaned the place, let me surf the Internet. It is my writing tool, where I pour my thoughts on it, it has my collection of poems, my stories, articles, journals etc etc.It is my lifeline. And it stopped working today.
amidst much anger and frustration I called up my father who is far away in kalimpong to contact his friend who owns a laptop repair shop.As my luck would have it, the shop had closed down and the uncle instead instructed me to call up different places and inquire about different parts.
And then my mother came to the rescue, taking out her contact list, her friend told me of a place in district centre where i could go and me and my sister rushed to the repair shop before it shut down.
District centre is streaming with a number of laptop repair shops and for me it was like Christmas.We went to one shop where we were promptly informed that the adapter we were looking for is "out of stock" and we would not get it in any other shop. The man instead asked us to return to "his" shop in a day or two. We checked another shop which had a large crowd around it, maybe it was popular? It was not, the poor shop owner was having a ball of a time fighting with one of his suppliers, we skulked away from the scene.
The last shop wore a look of desolation.As we approached it, the owner's minions woke up from their slumber and rushed to our service.needless to say, it was prompt and I got what I wanted.
I returned home a happy girl, with my laptop intact.
Now I have learnt two things:
1.District Centre has everything and Anything, no need to go anywhere else.
2.Compaq laptops are the worst ever so please don't ever but them and if you want, please buy mine ;)

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