Friday, July 30, 2010

Echo 2010:Missing Engifest Tadka!!!

And finally it's done!!
The annual newsletter of IEEE-DTU is finally done after days of poring over articles, editing them, having a good laugh over them and banging my head in frustration.
Once again working for a magazine, collecting articles, editing them and designing them, I was filled with nostalgia over my Engifest Tadka days and sorely missed the whole team..!!!
From our impromptu laughter sessions, "uncoordinated high fives", (non)funny jokes and camaraderie, the ET team was the best I have ever worked on.
Taking this bit of nostalgia with me, i once again contacted some of my ET members for their articles and needless to say i wasn't disappointed.You guys rock!
The echo team has been great too,sending articles by the deadline and being supportive. Seeing that everyone was enthused over writing this and some were over excited, the newsletter increased from its usual 8 pages to 10.
And the best thing was that the whole newsletter is done much before the deadline.I rule!!! ;)
And not without the help of the guy who got everyone in, UT, special credit goes to him!
But still, me being overtly nostalgic, I miss the ET team..!!!
Here is a teaser of ECHO.

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