Saturday, July 17, 2010

The chewing gum lair

I like chewing gum.I love its minty taste in my mouth after a meal and then I resort to playing with it. It twirl it in my fingers, stretch it, make it into a blog and then start imitating spiderman's webs.
As much as it interests me in doing all this stuff, people around me find it gross and disgusting.Ha! I continue to play with my gum, as much the other person is grossed out, i don't care.Me and my gum, the ideal place.
The day before, I was fiddling with my gum as usual when it fell down.Figuring that it must have fallen on the floor, I went to sleep. The next morning was the usual till I couldn't pry my pillow off the bed.
Wonders of wonders..! The gum had stuck to my pillow which was now sticking comfortably to my bed. ignoring the impending danger, i went on to do my morning chores.
During lunchtime, forgetting that my pillow was now the lair of the chewing gum monster I plopped it on my lap and the damn thing stuck to my skirt.So now, i have a soiled pillow cover, a spoilt bedsheet and an extremely sticky skirt.
So much for my gum playing antics.


  1. Really?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? OK what ever you say cheenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

  2. yeah...I am disgusting..!!! hahaha!!

  3. i know all about u and ur chewing gum habits!!!!! uugghhhhh!!!

  4. Yep..!:) Me the disgusting..!
    Avert you eyes all..!!