Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Living with my sister

For the past year, I have lived with my grandparents at their place and it has been a life of leisure.I would sit in my bedroom, open my laptop, order Chinese takeout and then watch movies. I had the whole closet to myself, the king size bed, the A.C. and most importantly, I was pampered by my grandparents.I was the Queen of the house.
And then my sister moved in with me.
What began next was a series of fights over chores, closet, dressing table, clothes, bed etc. With her, I no longer had unrestricted, non stop laptop access.I had to share things all over again.
But there are moments I can never forget.The day we decided to conduct a fashion photography shoot at the house.The whole afternoon, we paraded in different outfits, wore oodles of makeup in various weird designs and snapped away.
The other day, she allowed me to give her a haircut.I am no pro at this and hats off to her for her bravery. ;)
I snipped and clicked at her long waist length hair to yield the final result.A short spiky bob.Now I don't know if it is an acceptable style on the runway, but it sure does look good.So much for me being modest.
The days spent with my sister are not too bad, we have our share of arguments in the morning, with me forcing her to wake up and eat some breakfast and small spats over the chores.With her, I have finally found a partner to watch all my favourite shows with.I made her a Grey's anatomy addict and together we watch marathon episodes of bones the whole time.
And I once again have someone to boss over for that glass of water or the best seat in front of the A.C. .Someone to fight with, get opinions about everything and anything.Someone I can laugh with, joke with, gossip with.
My sister, My confidante.

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