Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chocolates and Bhel:How I managed to get them for free.

Being an elder sister has its many perks. I vividly remember exploiting my younger sister for her toys, chocolates, games etc.

In Pune, we used to have weekly cinema at our club theatre. I was in 5th standard and our mother used to shell out ten rupees each as pocket money which we were allowed to spend on the delicacies on offer. An all time favorite at the theatre was the famed bhel puri which cost Rs 6. At the interval, there would be a rush to get a plate and me and my sister would be the first to reach. My conniving mind cooked up a scheme to ensure I get my money’s worth without the actual effort of having to spend money for it. I convinced my sister, who was just seven to hand me her money, a ten rupee note, instead of which I would get her two coins. Two coins instead of a measly note, the prospect pleased her tiny childish mind. To further consolidate my deal, I bought her two chocolate coins and convinced her that her getting two chocolates as opposed to my one plate was much better. Feeling like a winner, she traipsed to mother to show off her business skills.

All I could do was silently laugh at her and applaud MY business skills.

Needless to say, I saved thousands of rupees in the coming months till she finally realized the deal she was getting. I could not regret her realization any more.

I never tried to get monetary gain out of her but still managed few bits and pieces by getting the tbetter toy or more share of a chocolate. It persists still and even as she is aware of the fact, we enjoy this imbalance in our share. We have come to forge our own system now, I get all the books, paints, dolls, she gets and in return she gets to eat my share of chocolates, ice creams and everything sweet.

A deal.


  1. ha ha.. i can totally relate to this. i hv a younger sister. when we were kids i used to fool her out by taking 2 or 5 rupees coin in exchange of 2-3 25 paisa coins(25 paisa coins worked in those times ). she always thought i was so generous ;)

  2. Lol...figures, elder siblings have and will always be mean..!!