Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Blast-A relative Event

My youngest cousin turned four yesterday and predictably, the day was a myriad of big, uncontrolled birthday parties, balloons and their stink, cake and its cream spread everywhere and utter chaos.
We reached the venue by late evening and being the eldest of the lot, I was subjected to leaps and jumps by the overtly excited birthday boy.He then resorted to hit everyone present with anything he could lay his hands on, his choice of weapon? A large orange balloon.Just as well.
The bash was also a melting point of pre-teen high fashion as I spied many girls sporting hot pants, funky hairdos and colorful flip flops. The guys teamed up well with cowboy dresses and fitting jackets.
In my point of view, birthday parties are more like a conference of relatives from all over the place.The ones living nearby turn up in the morning to "assist" with the preparations.Seeing that kids prefer to host their parties in some high profile kiddie restaurant or get a party planner, I wonder where this "assist" come from? And then there are the constant whining ones, big aunties, clad in gaudy suits who turn up at your every event, commenting on how thin/fat you have become. These aunties are generally accompanied either by their ultra thin daughters wearing oodles of makeup, looking for a chance to be picked up and pushed into the arranged marriage circuit or their ultra-fat, recently married daughter, cradling their new borns, showing off her marital and maternal achievements. Then their are small kids.Yes, those pesky annoying, pests of little people whose only aim is to run around the place on a crash demolition mode. Birthday Parties...! Arrgh!!
Needless to say, my cousin's parents were smart enough to hold their party in an offbeat location, preventing the many annoying vermins from plaguing it.Me and my cousins ordered everything possible and the cake was heavenly.The birthday boy was in an out of control mode, but then again, he is entitled to it.

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