Thursday, June 24, 2010

The rain and the aftermath

Just back from college, after a gruelling hour and a half session with the exam.Funnily enough, today was the day I took the longest on my paper, actually making an effort to cross check it and came out of the examination hall much later than my friend cum metro partner, Rinkz, notorious for spending a lot of time on her answer sheet.She duly noted this change in me and I have the perfect reason, today's paper was the only one I ever enjoyed studying in my two years of engineering hell.
Another highlight of the say was the bet between Sam and Sanchi.Despite the terms of the bet being very thoughtless, Klasic and Sansi decided to accompany the two to their respective treats, while getting nothing out of the whole deal.
Meanwhile, the four of us, enjoyed the change of the weather from scorching heat to dust storm and finally light showers as we disembarked at NSP station.We enjoyed the respite from heat, getting wet in the rain and the auto ride, which was cool and fun for a change.Hope this weather lasts.
Now when i write this, the weather is changing once again from cool and rainy to one of humidity.


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  2. i m in d article!!! hehehe :D

  3. no the conditions of the bet were specified very well but the witness....huh!heard just half of them and result,i had to treat the guy even when the bet got null and void!