Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nighttime Wanderings

I heard it once again tonight as I slipped into my pillows.The ominous sound of my window rattling.Strangely enough, there was no thunder to trigger it. I pushed deeper into the crevices of my sheet as the air conditioner chilled the room. My sister was asleep and I knew it would return. I wished I could switch on some music or a movies, just so I don't have to hear it again.
It returned as I slowly drifted to sleep, waking me from my mild slumber. The headboard of the bed shook suddenly and I heard the wind swooshing over my head as if somebody had deliberately shook it.
My mind told me it was nothing and yet I could feel the adrenaline rush into my head. I felt stupid for believing all kinds of tales I had ever heard.Of unseen people, strange voices and the unknown.
I guess, paranoia came to me naturally.
Tonight was different. I planned to investigate the source of the noise.I got up from my bed when it came the first time and saw nothing unusual, the room was dark as usual with my sister fast asleep. I waited and it came again, the bed rattled and I saw something move.I quickly flashed my mobile at the source and saw the source of nightmares.
The headboard of the bed was loose and whenever my sister moved in her sleep, it rattled with her movement. So much for my personal haunting episode!
It is disappointing that no one is haunting me, come to think of it. Seems that i was a boring person in my past life, from all the horror movies and books I have devoured.Or maybe, I had no interesting ancestors.Whatever the reasons be, it is all boring, now that I know what was the real cause of the excitement.

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  1. hahhhaaaa...
    if it wouldn't have been just your sis but someone or some'thing' else,maybe u wouldn't be here writing this piece....
    so instead thank god for that!