Thursday, June 17, 2010


My days go from boring to worse as this summer stretches on and on.
The previous night, me and my sister had a blast watching "bones" till late at night.Usual stuff.
We woke up late, had a lazy morning, skipped breakfast and at back to watching "bones" from where we left off. so I am proud to say, we finished season 4 tonight.Yay!
Bones got me thinking how super cool, FBI and crime fighting detectives are.It reminded me of my initial interest in becoming a forensic scientist based on the forensic detective shows that used to plague the discovery channel.Ah well, I am stuck with engineering for now.Not to mention my mid semester exams from nest week.
I gazed at my paintings for a while, yes you read that right, MY paintings.I actually fantasise about my own art show someday.I thought of making them with a similar theme, till I met this cranky shopkeeper last evening who would not sell separate bottles of paint.I had to buy the whole lot and then I got fixated with the yellow color and forgot my theme(red and black if anyone is curious).
A mystery I am still trying to solve is how The crystal method, the band which gives soundtrack to 'Bones' get a female singer who is unlisted?Never saw her name on the credits, but she sounds good.
"Bones" led me to remember my other obsession, British accent.Sigh! I still go weak in the knees when a guy speaks with a British accent.The way they pronounce the words, overemphasising sometimes and completely rolling over some words.I certainly miss Hugh Grant now!
It was another day filled with nothingness and the only trouble I have is deciding if i want to watch Prince of Persia or Iron Man 2.Tough Choices.

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