Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Best Scrambled eggs

Lately I have taken a turn towards cooking.It's therapeutic for me.The smell of the spices, the chopping and grating ingredients, the sauteing, garnishing food and all that comes with it. And breakfast is something I am very choosy or more likely specific about.
I absolutely detest the Indian palate of paranthas with large dollops of butter, pickle and curd.Talk about a healthy breakfast, paranthas are your tickets to the land of cholesterol and saturated fats.
My pick for breakfast is invariably some concoction of eggs or oatmeals.
Eggs! These are gifts from heaven for me, you can beat them, fry them ,boil them, mash them, mix them and Voila! You have a whole list of breakfast items.
With the healthy food fad, I have taken to making everything out of egg whites and feeding the yellow yolk to my much delighted dog who swallows it up without any second thought.
My scavenging and experiments through egg recipes and the Indian taste buds led me to experiment with scrambled eggs, the easiest and the most exploited version. I have noticed cooks all over the country spice up the beaten eggs,add chopped veggies and them instead of getting nice thick blobs of scrambled eggs, they would instead crush the poor egg and end up with powdery substance, bhurji, they call it.Streaming with desi ghee, it was heart attack on plate. And then I came to my granny's house and discovered the smallest pan ever.My first experiment with egg whites sans any spices and vegetables led to the best scrambled eggs I had ever tasted.I forayed further into the art of making scrambled eggs, beat them up, add a spoonful of milk, simmer the gas and let it cook. Scrambled eggs, the tastiest, the most delectable ever.The ideal breakfast and I am in.
My entry into the world of cooking breakfast is limited to what I can find in the nearby market.Oatmeal is good and then after few spoonfuls, it turns into a slimy, icky goop of milk. Indian alternatives can also be healthy, what with idlis and dosas around. And then there are fruits, melons, water melons, mangoes, plums, cherries etc.
Breakfast never did sound so appetising and healthy to me.

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