Sunday, June 13, 2010

Indian Television

The Indian soap opera makers have truly made television an idiot box.
Where else can we find women wearing loads of pancake to the bathroom, sleeping with their hairdos intact and being an ideal wife to their oh-so-hardworking husband?
Indian television has now achieved new depths in stupidity and mindlessness. The plot and screenplay is lost amidst copious amounts of tears, dramatic music and larger than life sets. The predictable storyline is so pathetic that one wonders if they even have writers on their team or not?
It is fun analysing these soaps.They take up long forgotten issues like child marriage, caste system etc and snowball it into something huge on the TV. Ekta Kapoor deserves some credibility for merging sensitive themes into her soaps.The lady had brains.
And now we have senile dialogue delivery with each character enunciating in pure hindi which even linguist experts don't use in daily life. One soap went to such an extend stating that since they are from the bride's family, they cannot call up the groom after ten at night! Talk about modernisation, Indian soaps have decided to take many steps backward into time.
It is a sad scenario and the only people to be blamed are the Indian audience who immediately reject anything new.They would rather stick to watching joint families in big bungalows fighting against evil sisters-in-law, illegitimate sons, corrupt business partners etc.
Few months back, a film tycoon started seven new soaps on TV and they all bombed after a week. agreeably, the cinematography and direction was bad but they showed real people and real India and had a plot for a change.Not the over rated stuff Indian audience wants to see.
Adaptations of foreign soaps always start on the right note and after few months turn into another saas-bahu saga, complete with the lead getting a makeover into the ideal Indian bahu.
Many channels which started as a youth channel have now become another propagator of these mindless soaps. The Indian television scene is pathetic and in my opinion a disgrace to the television.
And the makers are not to be blamed.When so much moolah is to be raked, who cares about sense and sensibilities?They give what the audience demands.And Indian Audience has no brains.
So I'd rather stick to watching movies or some inane music channel.Cartoons work for me.

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