Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harry Potter Actors-Tracking them down

My obsession with Harry Potter began in 6th standard when I first read Goblet of Fire.Later on my friends introduced me to other books in the series and I was hooked.Over the years, I accumulated a lot of Harry Potter paraphernalia from stained glass art to cloaks, planning to attend HP theme parties, movie CDs and later DVDs.As I grew old, I decided to collect first edition HP books, the ones in hardback and now I am a proud owner of three such books, ha!
Harry Potter series has been my constant companion in the "growing up" phase, Rupert Grint(the guy who plays Ron Wesley) was my first celebrity crush until I hopped to better options(read Tom Cruise), Ginny, was my first fashion Icon.HP introduced me to the world of latin spells, Britain, the moors of scotland and the Kings Cross Station.admittedly, even n
ow, while playing Monopoly, we plot and plan to get the Kings Cross Station card.And now, with the Wizarding world of Harry Potter's opening in Florida, I am once again seized with this obsession and once again, I dwell into the lives of the actors, and what has become of them.
Daniel Radcliffe gained immense popularity with
this role despite his clumsy acting skills and "gay" looks. Now, in his twenties, Radcliffe is looking forward to expand his acting horizon with his most recently signed film, based on the 1930 war, where he gets to land some blows with an action packed role.

She started out as a bushy haired child artist and then glamorised the role of the nerdy book worm with her sleek and shiny hairstyles, thin jumpers and overty emotional acting. Emma Watson became the youngest teen to feature on the Cover page of Vogue and was in the news recently for hosting a farewell bash after the shooting of the
seventh installment of Harry Potter was over.
Perhaps, the most experienced of the trio, Rupert Grint, although not known for his looks, takes the cake as being the best actor of the lot. His portrayal of the poor, side kick of Harry earned him much accolades including his disastrous first movie outside the franchisee, Thunderpants and the eventual Driving lessons, his coming of age film.
Mathew Lewis started out as portly child star portraying the Awkward Neville longbottom.Viewers were in for a surprise when they saw him in prisoner of Azkaban, looking all thin and mean.His makeovers have been less dramatic in the consequent films, but now they don't stand true to the pudgy, pot bellied, kid.
With almost no role in the previous movies, Bonnie Wright rose to fame with the fifth movie and as Harry';s love interest in the sixth.It was a refreshing change to see Radcliffe emote well with someone and manage an ounce of chemistry.Kudos!

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