Monday, June 28, 2010

Writer's block!!

As these mind numbing days pass, I eagerly wait for a hint of excitement in the coming days to free me of my writer's block. It has been a week already and I have not typed a single relevant word.I am out of ideas and out of steam..!!!
Someone help me!!
Inspiration is hard to come by when you live in a city like Delhi, with its searing hot temperature, rude public transport people and no access to cars(thanks to my parents who plan to sell the one I had my eye on!). So I sit all day, gathering dust.
The previous day, I spent and hour trying to convince my dad to accompany me on a trip to the Old fort of Delhi which i would have managed on my own if it wasn't for my mom who duly pointed out that a temple near it is a dwelling of drunkards.Needless to say, me going alone has been put on hold forever.So I wait for my dad to be free which is difficult seeing he has really important errands to run as opposed to me, who is imprinting her butt prints on various couches in the house.
so my writer's block continues and I am out of ideas...!! arrgh!!


  1. u nd writer's block..a rare combo!!
    Yes ur mom is ryt.Get ur dad along with u to the temple. And visit the zoo nearby as well.