Thursday, June 17, 2010

Of pimples and the summer heat

This summer heat brings me no respite as my face is once again plagued with numerous pimples and face lesions. My tryst with the innumerable facial creams, scrubs, exfoliates and face masks started way back in 8th standard when i got my first ever pack of Multani Mitti, a mud face pack.
For months I smeared it on my face and marveled at the amount of pack the small bottle could hold.If it wasn't for the familiar aroma coming form the bottle, I would have never guessed what happened to its contents.Seemed like my maid was all too cleverly replacing the multani face pack with Talcum Powder.Pond's Talcum powder to be more precise.Just as well.
This experience led me to experiment with my own brand of homemade face packs.I crushed cucumbers, sliced papayas, mixed curd and anything I could lay my hands on for the perfect blend.One that would leave my skin white, pimple free and glowing. Little did I know that those effects on TV were a result of the all so popular nude makeup.Well, a girl can still try.
Recently, my beautician suggested herbal packs to me, which I took without much ado.They left my skin itchy and full of rashes. Which made me look more like a pineapple rather than any model I have seen.
So all in all, I have realized that in order to get the perfect skin, either go back in time and live in the eighteenth century or be loaded and spend a lot on skin treatments(which rarely work) and makeup artists.
So I go for the natural look.


  1. i hav pimples for years that too very sever bt bcoz of totally different u even i tried everything bt the doctor told me that the only way to stop it is to do nothing and apply no creams on the face. That still no relief in i've accepted the fact that it will remain like this and its nt me who has problem with this bt others who look at me and do hell with them!

  2. n colgate also!!... u forgt colgate!! i hv a pic of u wid colgate :D :P