Friday, June 11, 2010

The reason

It starts again! That crackpot urge to do something useful, which I have noticed comes with the advent of the end of school session. The second year of my college officially ended yesterday and as of today I am an unemployed, lazy student with unlimited access to the internet and a laptop which has been blatantly used as an entertainment centre for a year.

And so I write this online journal with nothing better to do and with no one to listen to my ramblings. Agreed, most of the people around me are either too full of their own lives or saturated with my take on every issue. At least this laptop will not forcibly push me out of the room or block my voice from its head.

And yes, with the world going from one disaster to the other and the celebrities hopping on from party central to a messy affair, I have lots to talk about. Sadly, this world cares not for my opinion but then again, my laptop has no other option and neither do you.

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