Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rain Rain, the Rain Pain

It was just another hot and sultry day as the two of us walked the grounds of the Metro Walk mall(for no other better choice of words) window shopping to our heart’s delights. With inputs from many girls in the hostel we checked out the display of jewellery, fawned over the new clothes and gushed over the soft toys that were at display(How I wish I had them!).
After two hours of seemingly mindless walking around, we decided to head back to our college and much to our delight it started drizzling. As the thick droplets fell around us, we scrambled to hire an auto and rush back in when a creepy guy came up to us.
He started in coherently explain to us that he was a driver of taxi in our college and rather emphasized on the part where he came and went and came and went and came and went.
As it was getting darker, we ignored him and walked towards the auto farthest away from him, but he followed us there and when we walked away, he called after us, even walking following us for some time.
Disgusted, we crossed the road and as the rainfall became harder, we searched in vain for a ride back to college when another auto from the creepy guy’s concierge came and offered to drop us back. So on our way back, as the rain poured even more heavily, the poor auto driver apologized for the behavior of his ‘friend” saying he was stone drunk.
Funnily enough, it was later in the evening, while chatting with a friend that we came to a realization that the drunk man who so openly misbehaved with us was none other than the lone driver of our university’s buggy, known for his roving eye and “connections” within the college admin.
Thanks to his connections, he has a free reign in the college and thanks to the strong student community, we all avoid him.

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