Saturday, August 7, 2010

CWG training and Happy bday SJ!

And then it was time for the Role specific training...! Despite what I had thought and hoped for it was pure technical work..! Arrgh! Yes, it was the low pointy of the training session that was highly sleep inducing and way to boring.
another highlight was the annoying Amity University whose reputation has hit a rock bottom in my mind.The pathetic canteen which was all show and no work, the horrible food, costly stuff and the muffin with a spider in it.! I wonder where the money goes..??
So it was upto SJz birthday to save the day as we roamed the travails of GIP nodia, a mall par excellence. We roamed around for a whole hour, laughed our heads off and inducted a new member in the PJ club! All in good fun..!

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