Tuesday, August 3, 2010

College Blues

It has been two days since college began and life has never been busier.With no hostel for many and few in the offing, we have been reduced to mere street walkers. Rushing from one metro to other, changing trains, keeping the hairstyle perfect and the dress in check, it has never been so tiring.
With the advent of third year, the college looked gloomier than ever and adding to the sense of impending doom is the lack of those friendly faces of our seniors. Many changes have been around the college, most not good. So this session is a gloomy one to begin with and adding to the woes are classes on saturdays(arrrgh!!!!)
Despite it all, life had never been better with my friends of 2 years now(My longest ever!!).And it has been a season of discovering something new about them and loving them all over again..!! A special mention to them, Klasic, Sam2, Sonu, Custard, Sanchi and Rinkz. Love you all!
and yes to add to my troubles is the fact that i cannot continue my long manicure regimes, have no jute chappals and no jhola for my indian wear.
And then the damned MHC which make this one person so alluring..sheesh!!!

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