Tuesday, August 10, 2010


For all the fashionistas in the town, this movie is a must watch. Peppered with clothes from Dior, Louis Voutton and Gucci, it is a visual treat to behold the designs and the ensemble of haute couture the movie fits in its running time. The sets have been impeccably designed and Delhi had never looked so much better with the roads of def colony and Hauz khas on the show. The houses are a tribute to the Delhi elite and the cast has the brats and frats of the rich, driving around, taking in multiple shots and air kissing everyone.
Technically, Rhea kapoor, has made it into a slug fest of everything girly, from the dresses, interiors and the dialogues. Sonam Kapoor rises above her last film and delivers a passably nice performance and Abahy deol charms his way into the female hearts with his dimples and smile.
The story is flawless, an adaptation of Emma and the music is new, filled with zest and zing.
There are few flaws, with people forgetting to emote and choosing a weird looking actor to play the part of a hunk(although he does have a HOT body) and bad jokes.
Ira dubey, as the faithful sidekick is by far the best as is Cyrus  Sahukar who keeps up the fun tempo in the film. The love story between the main characters is somewhat smudged in the whole film and lacks the typical bollywood essence to it.
A fairly decent movie and one which leaves you filled with a sense of girlish pleasure in you and awakes that dormant fahionising girl you put to sleep.
So girls! Go and have fun!

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