Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hair and Haunted

I had always wanted to visit a haunted house filled with many scary, broken, bloodied corpses like statues. Figures of vampires rising from the coffin and the ever so clich├ęd bloodied mummy.
Today, I and my cousins went to the nearest haunted house and decided to “get scared”.
Filled with anticipation, the three of us stepped inside the dark corridor and were greeted by a little green monster, awash in red light. Dismissing it faintly, though my ten year old cousin thought it was a good opportunity to scream, we walked further only to find our legs caught in a flurry of gloved hands. With thumping hearts, we stuck to the instruction of following the red arrows when they promptly disappeared.
Now was the time for the “brave-heart” me to freak out citing reasons varying from getting a heart attack to getting lost in the maze and dying of getting scared. So we decided (after I had amply scared my ten year old sis with my ideas) to turn back and were greeted by the very amused doorman.
The bemused man then offered to accompany us and we followed him, relieved to an extent.
Personally I am scared shit of the “haunted and scary” and this episode did nothing to boost my Leo ego.Sheesh!
So I kept a straight eye on the man’s yellow T shirt, ignoring the creaks and the screams and the jumping goblins and werewolves. It was only when I saw the light at the other end that I rushed out to safety.
This cannot be said for my sisters who enjoyed a full view and experience of the haunted house and even managed to get a skeleton walk after them, occasionally tousling their hair or grabbing their hands or feet. Personally I think he was just a lecherous skeleton, trying to enjoy some moments off the grave..!

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