Sunday, August 8, 2010

Madge's Birthday outfit

Seeing how really bored and useless our media is we have another feeble attempt at finding an Indian connection in the global media.And it comes from none other than Madonna, the freakishly old, wannabe singer. So it is up to the Indian media to publicise this "feat" by the designer duo Shane and Falguni Peacock who have Cheryl Cole, fergie and Lady Gaga as their celebrity clientele in Hollywood.
It is good that these two get to explore new opportunities and pave their way into Hollywood and most importantly into the international fashion scene.I can't wait for an Indian brand to become as famous as Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Valentino!
But then again the sheer stupidity of the whole Madge outfit story is the fact that her boyfriend,Jesus Luz intends it to be a "surprise" for her.Gee, great! announcing it to the world is a BIG surprise!
So dear Madge, On your Birthday, all the way from India...

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