Sunday, August 1, 2010

5th sem

Tomorrow is the advent of yet another semester adding to the list of my college years. As usual I start this ear with the annual newsletter of our society for which I am so proud!!
Adding to the back-to-school list is yet another shopping spree, traversing the lanes of flea markets and the rooms of high end stores like Westside and Lifestyle. A new haircut and I am raring to go.
There is another anticipation this year as another batch of seniors left the school and we are the 2nd most senior class.Nostalgia will flood the first few days as will excitement over a news tart, new books(really..???), movies, friends etc. And with my birthday just 12 days away,I am all for enjoying the last of my teens.
So,all plans for the commute are made, lip gloss in place, kohl all lined up, a trendy bag in tow and a brand new start!
Seems like my roomie and bestie Klasic will be out for few day and she will be sorely missed.Especially our lazy sessions in the room, watching movies together, chatting on the Internet while being in the same room, working together and the heart-to-hearts we share.Luv u and hope u come fast!

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