Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My tryst with astrology

I am a big fan of the zodiacs, from reading the daily horoscopes to personality analysis, numerological significance, planetory motions, stars etc. I have done it all.
Somehow, this doesn't go too well with my father who says that according to me 1/12th of the entire population the world should have the same personality traits. But then again, I have my own counter argument that personality traits are not completely because of the sun signs, we have the stellar positions to count for, the moon sign, other planets, time of birth and date of birth. To which he would just laugh. Hmph!
I have tried this on many people, my close friends, poor victims of my amateur astrology. I have so painstakingly checked their zodiac, their planets, their stars, numerology, read accounts from all known astrologers (Linda Goodman to the rescue), made up my own hypothesis, conclusions and by the time I'd be ready to publish my paper, they'd be off somewhere else, not interested in my research.
And I have tried this with so many of my crushes(being a Leo, it is a sizeable number), I'd read and re-read their personality traits, analyse their behaviour, discuss on forums and by the time I am done with what they exactly are, I'd have a new sign to search for.
So, when I fell in love with Tom Cruise, a Cancer, I was pleased that I have a new zodiac to explore and I was really pleased with all the analysis, Leo and Cancers are the perfect match. Opposites attract.Fire to his water etc etc. And then he married. Sad.
Then it was Rupert Grint, a Virgo. My school friends still associate me with him. I'd read and re-read stuff about Virgos. Perfect match. opposites attract. Fire and Earth. And then he turned ugly. A pity.
Sid Mallya, few months ago, a Taurus.  A Greek God to me. And since one of my best friends is a Taurus, I was on cloud nine. The forums had some new insight on him now. Perfect match, they said. Opposites attract. I am still in love with him. <3
Then, it were my best friends, a Virgo, a Saggitarius, a Taurus, two Cancers, an Aries and my close friends two Virgos, a Leo, a Scorpio, a Saggitarius and the people I could never gel with a Capricon, many Leos, a Virgo, a Scorpio and the ones who annoyed the hell out of me, a Leo, a Gemini, an Aquarius, a Saggitarius and the list goes on.
I suppose its all individual, seeing how ridiculous my lists sound.I'd rather give the person time than sit in a corner reading up and discussing his personality traits instead of finding out about the person first hand.
Maybe, its time to bid Ms. Goodman, goodbye.
Josh Duhamel
November 14 1972
A Scorpio