Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cyber Stalking: Why I like what I do.

And why I wont stop.


1.A free pass for a pass at good looking examples of human species. Sigh! If only such people would grace us in real life.

2.Amateur James Bond on developing love stories.

3.Sleuthing on those evil cracks who cracked your real life. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing such a person fall on his face in the cyber world.

4.Encyclopedia on people you don't really know much. Where they partied, with whom did they party, where did they sleep last night?wink wink

5.A 24x7 vigil on your latest crush. Is he seeing someone?Why did that girl comment on so many posts of his?

6.Spying on that evil reincarnate of Medusa.The one who might steal your guy from under you. Very important.

7.Keep track of your teachers on fb. (Don't know about it but my "sources" say its useful.).

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