Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Dog Walking Chronicles.

It has happened.
What I had been dreading all this time.
Seems like my laziness is finally put on hold as is my beauty sleep.*sigh*
The tragedy that has so fallen on my fragile shoulders is the fact that I am being forced to wake up at ungodly hours to walk my dog. A pity for I am still so in love with my comfy bed and my hoard of pillows of all shapes and sizes.
This task fell on me after my many failed attempts to evade this chore.As Mom, Dad and my sis routinely took on the early morning dog walk part, i slept in pure sleeper's bliss. And then it was unanimously decided that I should be the one getting kicked out of the bed.
In Sleepers hell every morning i have discovered a whole new perspective of seeing the world around me. The dog's way.
As my dog, Casper often runs amok in every possible direction, picking fights with dogs ten times his size, ignoring the tiny cute ones, fighting with the doodh-wallahs and the newspaper guy it has been an eye opening week.
The first thing I noticed was the many nooks and crannies seemingly straight, boring roads have.Hidden holes, tiny doggy hills, small jungles, dried up poop land and all you can sniff places.
The innocent looking park got a new notoriety as the go to place for dog poop. I have spent the whole week jumping around dried and wet samples of dog shit from murky yellow to disgusting brown. It can be traumatic for a non-poop person like me.
The next hidden travesty were the cement roads where there are secret places for dogs. Here, I found a whole variety of doggy treasure from last night's leftovers to rotting fruits, collected crap from the roads and an omnipresent stink.
Pillars and cars also get a new meaning as the poop and pee motel for dogs. Stray dog rent a place to stay while spoiled dogs like mine only use the facilities, per se.
And as I have tried telling my parents and failed at it, it seems my day will always begin with a good dose of dog poop.
Shit happens.


  1. hahahahahahahaahhahaha..!! FINALLY...!!

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