Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laziness and other other disasters

Being absent from the writing sphere has mainly to do with a certain some body's laziness in opening up the laptop and typing, but common sense prevailed, albeit after a long time and I am back.
Watching teenage soaps and reading novels all day long while in a self inflicted house arrest got me to the point where every movie becomes interesting, The Makeover.
And I trudged over to the dressing room and inspected myself and after much deliberation and cajoling my mother, I managed to get the moolah I needed and shopping I went. Solo shopping had never held much appeal to me as it did now as I traipsed various stores, trying on dresses and spending hours at the M.A.C. Unfortunately, with my flare for the dramatic and with the many ideas floating in my head, I decided to give myself a haircut, a feat i usually try once every year and to disastrous results. But this time I liked what I did and from trying on my old wardrobe to pinching my sister's clothes(Yes! I fit in some!! Yay!), I tried everything and it has been fun.
And yesterday, in a fit of whatever latest makeover video i have been watching, i bleached my hair, aiming for the Lady gaga blond. But sadly, my black hair and thick locks prevented that and I am stuck with a Ginny Weasley types reddish blond looking like millions of wannabe roadside characters who sport "blond" hair. Sheesh.
On a personal front, I hope my makeovers help me mover from the past drudgeries that have been clouding my mind and like in the movies, I get to be the new me soon..!
Next on my list: A tattoo(And I already have the design as well!)

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