Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wish List...

With the onset of the birthday season, I decided to make public my very own wish list.

I want! I want! I Want!!

1. The "Top Gun" Tom Cruise in a box.Get him anyhow..!!!
2.Entry into Hogwarts.And not the fake one in Scotland or the studios..!! I want the real deal..!!

3. A portal to enter the fantasy world of Victorian Romance, meet all the Darcys and the the Rochesters of the world..!! *Sigh*

4.Shoes that actually fit me. The sexy heels that look so alluring and the classic Jimmy Choo designs.

5.Tangle free hair.With curls!!

6.World peace.( I was so tempted to write this.! :D)

7.Fat free, calorie-less ice creams and chocolates which taste good too.

8.A large large large teddy bear!!! 

9.Sid Mallya's British/Indian accent.

10.Rains Rains and more rains...

And please feel free to suggest more things, as only few are going to be taxed with completing this list. You can always add to their miseries..!!


  1. 1. So you want a dead tom cruise...because box = coffin.
    2.Are you schizophrenic?
    3.And also say hello to insane racism.
    4,5,9, All girly crap.
    6. You gave into temptation, therefore bad willpower and we all know there isn't such a thing as world peace.
    7. One can only dream
    10.Yes, very sensible of you.
    You know who this is. Hint: my name is a palindrome.

  2. ha! I guessed with the first line itself..!! :D :D

  3. good u have such a wish list sam
    we ned not do much :D

  4. Yes yes yes!!!
    And I have even given enough time..two weeks notice to you

  5. wishful thinking!!
    Get real girl if you actually want something!! :-)