Friday, July 22, 2011

Tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me.

A random analysis of the most desirable men in English Literature.

Fitzwilliam Darcy: Inevitably topping the list, Mr Darcy is as desirable as desirable can be. Made immortal on celluloid by Colin firth, he is one guy every guy should read about.Proud, with an air of being class apart and yet someone who has a heart large enough for people he cares about. His trademark is his inability to express himself and yet when he does, he does it such elegance and charm that it melts your heart. A gentleman by birth and by actions, he is every guy's envy and every woman's fantasy. A true epitome of strong and silent types.

Edward Rochester:"I ask you to pass through this life at my side, to be my second self, my earthly companion."
Because some people are so brutally honest that you either hate them or love them. Mr. Rochester stands as a typical Byronic hero. he has no charms and no regrets about it either.Not described as either handsome or amiable, he exudes an aura around him which drags you into him. He might be rough and crass in his actions but when he speaks of his feelings, he knows exactly what to say. A person who wears his heart on his sleeve and yet is dark and mysterious enough to make you want to know him even better.

George Knightley: This is one man who stands in the background, judging and weighing everything. His attraction lies in his maturity, a sensible and kind person who often steps in to help the underdog. His passions lie submerged and yet somehow he flares up for people he cares for.A lover, we all want.

Heathcliff: He has always stood against all adversities for his love. A person who brews with deep passion and the feelings which even love cannot explain. His dedication towards the person he loves is such that he willingly leads his whole life for her, dying with her and killing for her. The world and the society holds no meaning for him as he stands his ground for the one he loves.Knowing all too well, that she loves him too.
Love, he said always hurts and he takes in that hurt and immerses himself in it. A true example of the darkest shade of love, the passionate and the strongest.

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