Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indians are racists.

An article in a tabloid, today, prompted me to think about the fact that when it comes to the colour of skin, Indians can go completely from ludicrously bizarre to ridiculously absurd. The article spoke about how Hollywood and the American populace in general feel that Freida Pinto is gorgeous. The rudeness and racism was obvious in the last line when the writer finishes off the article with the quote, "Love is blind." Not only did I find it offensive, but belittling for the actress as well. Apparently, beauty is only skin deep, when it comes to the scale of "gorgeousness" our tabloids have.
Not only popular media, but a regular person is also smitten by the charm of the white skin. More so in North India where the fairer you are, the prettier you are supposed to be. And it does not matter whether your nose is off center or your eyes are squinted. You just need to be fair.Period.
So, it comes as a no surprise, that even after so many years of "white rule", we are still stuck in this bubble of the rule of the whites. A talentless, non Hindi speaking girl gets into the film industry just because she is white and has no other talent, still, other than her white skin. And another white lady manages to ensnare a husband for herself, build a career out of no skills and talent in modelling and then in the film industry.
Even politics is not far behind, with the white daughter-in-law of Mrs. G making news, fascinating millions, producing two more white dimwits and ruling the country from the backseat. I have personally heard my maids and her friends talk about her with such fascination and awe that it is puke-worthy. One maid gained celebrity status in her community, after she managed to touch this white woman's hand at some rally in some god forsaken place.
And then, Indians are always too ready to play the victim when it comes to any incident in white people land. From the attacks in Australia(I still doubt they were racially motivated) to discrimination in USA and UK. We don't look at what we do, as country of mixed race. It saddens me deeply that people pass comments on the dark skinned ones ranging from calling them all sorts of names, talk about their plight in "Black states" and then wonder why these people hate them so. A little introspection, I say.
And it is funny when aunties gather around you and comment on how fair you have gotten(after a trip to the mountains) or how dark you have become(after a sea-side party).If I could, I'd rather comment on how fat the aunties have become, how cylindrical they are now, almost spherical, how nauseating their clothes' choice is and how much their breath stinks. If only I can.

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