Thursday, August 4, 2011

Four years, At last.

This week heralded the start of what many of my college mates had been dreading. The final year, the end of a blissful college life and an entry into the real world.
Regretfully(NOT), I don't echo those feelings and I doubt I would ever do. It is not the sadist in me or the cold-hearted as well.Simply put, I am more excited about what life has to bring, now that in a span of 10 months we will be free from the shackles of the ordinary and expected and go on and live our lives on our own.
After school, we had a taste of independence, but this was limited to no curfew outings, shopping alone or partying. real independence is when we get to make key decisions in our life, live it the way want, are allowed to make mistakes and are responsible solely for ourselves.Despite the stress of real life, the finances, the houses, the job and social life, I am looking forward to it.
And I choose to enjoy this last year of engineering with as much gusto as ever and obviously will miss my friends who are now a family, the crazy outings, the non stop laugh sessions, Pajama parties, Gossip nights, Crushes and heartbreaks and always being there for each other.
Some snapshots of us. Love you ALL.

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  1. Its good you have such a feeling!! Will miss you!